Our unique aquaculture experience translated
into home aquarist´s products.

Our products are formulated by marine biologists
and inspired in nature.

No additives. No preservatives.

Our products are authentic 100% pure phytoplankton and mimic what happens in nature providing full nutrition. Based on our background in specialty feeds for aquaculture we developed a new aquarium product line to home-breed zooplankton and nurture reef ecosystems, thinking on high standard hobbyists.

Our PhytoBloom feed products are:

  • 100% pure phytoplankton
  • Premium quality, user-friendly and bio-secure
  • Smart solution presenting a super-concentrated formula
  • Nitrate and phosphate free
  • Additives and preservatives free
  • Aquacultured in Europe
  • Designed by a team of marine biologists, and
  • Inspired in Nature!

Our extensive expertise in aquaculture gives us the deep understanding to imagine, create, develop, and test a range of specialty feeds for home aquarists. Our research and development team is committed to continuously offer our Customers new products matching their specific needs.