Our unique aquaculture experience translated
into home aquarist´s products.

Our products are formulated by marine biologists
and inspired in nature.

No additives. No preservatives.

Necton is specialised in the cultivation and commercialisation of phytoplankton (microalgae). Our scientific, technological and market knowledge is focused in several applications but majorly in specialty feeds for Aquaculture and Aquarium.

Our natural attitude towards Partners, Customers, and Suppliers is to continuously excel ourselves through our quality standards and innovative practices.

After several years of research and development in the University, Necton was established in 1997. As microalgae need sunlight, the company was set on an ideal location to grow those organisms - the South of Portugal (Europe).

Many years of experience in aquaculture, delivering premium microalgae concentrates to hatcheries and public aquariums, has enabled Necton to develop a unique range of products for larval nutrition for the home aquarist´s marketplace. Our products are sold under the brand PhytoBloom.